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Radiology Practice Management Company

Radiology Practice Management Company:

Radiology is the field which has seen the best technical advances which are used to both to diagnose and then to treat them. Which has lead to the periodic updating of the medical codes. Therefore, in order to meet the demands of the radiology industry the medical billing has to be customized.

Promed Intel healthcare delivers the medical billing solutions to a wide ranges of radiology methods such as fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, radiography and many more. We have plans that enable us to customize the bills which are appropriate for the radiology services that are been rendered to you.

Our billing team is aware of the fact that radiology medical billing is highly dependent of the payment hence, our expert teams concentrates on accuracy, thereby reducing the denials. We bring the solutions which are perfectly knit to suit your practice and needs. From billing process to the technologies uses, everything is made to meet your specifications.

We provide the customized medical billing service for radiology practices which enlarges the cash inflow. Promed provides the exotic solutions, which are highly successful in reducing the delays and discrepancies, and diminishing the denials and to make sure that you receive the profit that you are bound to. Once Promed takes charge, we assure you that you will remain tension free as Promed sorts out the medical billing issues with utmost care round the clock.

With various advanced technologies making their way in radiology, you can easily manage them and enhance your billing processes. We strive our very best in increasing your revenue and in turn improving our efficiency. Promed Intel healthcare is also well versed with HIPAA regulations and stays constantly updated with the developments in medicare compliance guidelines along with the ICD – 10 implementation