Promed Intelsoft Top Medical Billing Company in Texas, USA.

Patient Billing Services:

Patient Billing Services:

Many medical practices concentrate less on the patient collections. It can be little less comfortable to discuss money with the patients. Promed intel soft provides the patient collection and billing services that can let you get additional revenue. The experts at Promed are fully aware of the complexities of the medical billing business that can have negative impact on the revenue, compliance and satisfaction of the patients if not maintained properly. For this very reason alone, we have established a vigorous quality monitoring structure that enables the executives to check the performance indicators that maintain the revenue cycle.

The vital components to success provided by Promed are:

  • Assess the collection process

  • Provides your patients, the billing statement that they need

  • Patient web/mobile payment technology

  • Lockbox and agent Payments

  • Interactive Voice response pay system

    To ensure that we maintain the quality and compliance, we at Promed have trained professionals and auditors to test the revenue cycle systems and promise you that the compliance standards are met.
    So Do you want to see the difference what Promed can make? Contact us right away.